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Seema Verma


God, in His wisdom, has already said everything that destroys us, day in and day out, and a plan for our redemption. If all people understood that we are in the field of devouring wolves ready to be slaughtered, they would run to God, and evil would never have a chance. Thankfully, God told us in his Word so we are not left defenseless from Satan's lies and evil works.

We forget that God is in control of all things. Jesus said, "it is finished," before He died on the cross. He stood up against the political evils of His day. Jesus could have destroyed it all, then. Instead, He gave us something greater to look forward to, an everlasting kingdom with Him. He wasn't interested in changing the world but in transforming us to align with His image. We will not save the day on anything happening in the Universe without God. Every social justice causes will fail on its own.

We are a witness for God and a lampstand to shine a light upon the evil works of the devil. We have nothing to fear as long as we know who we are and where we stand in God. If you want things to change for the better, pray and cry out to God as He commands us in times of trouble. God's instructions in the book of Joel are still relevant today.

I write to relay God's Word as His witness. God empowers me to discern the truth and communicate with people to bring out the best for us. I started my online magazine and podcast to shed light on our dark world. My site,, is organic. It offers not only relevant topics of our day with a biblical lens but also showcases independent artists and their beautiful works. So please check out the magazine blog articles, Saved And Loved podcasts, artists' works, and albums, and support this site by becoming a subscribed member or donating.

I have also written a few books: “Journey With God" and "Icebergs That Can Sink A Marriage Like The Titanic."

Journey With God is about our relationship with God and how He is transforming us into His image. Thus, the book covers many topics about gaining wisdom, becoming healthy, being physically fit, and a test of faith to reject what is evil and submit to God.

Icebergs That Can Sink A Marriage Like The Titanic is about how to live out your best happy, healthy marriage with God as the cornerstone of your home. It outlines many icebergs and danger zones that can sink the marriage, like the Titanic. Thus, it is a valuable guide and provides wisdom on how best to navigate your marriage and relationship with your spouse in God’s way.

Thanks for your support!

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