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#115 Two Witnesses, Genesis 2, Creation of Adam & Eve 👫🌳

MrE is back to discuss Genesis Chapter 2, the story of humanity starting with Adam and Eve on a young Earth. God personally created all life from the ground, dust, debunking that life came from a single cell organism in the waters. He said it's not good for man to be alone and created Eve to be a helper of Adam. Adam called her "woman," flesh of his flesh, bones of his bones. Man is to leave his mother and father to become one flesh with his wife. God established a gift of marriage and prioritized the relationship to become a new family as one flesh.

God created all life from the ground, but Eve was created from Adam’s rib. He performed the first surgery to take one bone from Adam’s body that regenerated, making Adam whole again. Men and women have the same number of ribs, showing the intricacy of His creation. He performed surgery without hurting Adam or causing him to become less than he was. God also made Eve, taken from Adam's genetic material, not to be a clone of Adam but a different person and gender. While Adam couldn't reproduce to create new life, God formed Eve to be the giver of life taken from Adam.

Scientists today can only attempt to recreate life into their own image by experimenting with stem cells taken from aborted embryos obtained a few days after conception---killing millions of young life solely to develop new organs, blood, medications, and other hosts of evil experimentation in destroying God's creation. For the first time in history, they have created a new abomination, embryos without needing a mother and father-synthetic life or humans without a soul, as God is the one who breathes life in all his creation. But man is still light years away from creating a woman from man's DNA or genetic information. At best, Satan has achieved cloning of identical information and genetically destroying all life. Thus, Genesis is a crucial book to understanding God's creation and a historical record of humanity what's possible.

God also planned and created all life as male and female to be paired off and multiply on Earth. Before Genesis 3, the Garden of Eden, located in the Middle East, was a utopian paradise for man to live in with God Himself. There was no violence, no killing of animals, no death, and no evil was known to Adam and Eve before their fall. The Bible gives historical background on where the Garden is located in the Middle East. The four rivers are named where two are known today—river Euphrates and Tigres.

The Garden of Eden remains guarded by Cherubim Angels to protect the Tree of Life to provide fruit of immortality.

God gave the first man and woman to eat freely from all other trees, except one, the Tree of Knowledge, knowing good and evil. Next chapter, we will learn that they failed their test and disobeyed God to forever change humanity in sin and death to be kicked out of the Garden. In the final book of Revelation, God will restore Earth and the Cosmos to reflect the Garden of Eden in Genesis, where there will be no more sin and death. We will reside with God once again.

Other topics discussed were who wrote the Bible and particularly the Old Testament. Moses wrote the Torah, guided or inspired by God. God is the creator and source of light in connecting the dots with the book of Revelation. Ultimately, God will be the final light source for the Earth and humanity, requiring no more sun, moon, or stars to light the Earth.


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