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#135 👩🏻 Genesis 34-36 Dinah Raped ⚔️ 🥷 ☠️

Dinah, Leah's only daughter, went to the market with the Canaanites' daughters and was raped by a well-to-do Canaanite man. He raped her and then wanted to marry her. So, he told his father to make deals with Jacob to marry Dinah. Dinah's two brothers hatched a plan for revenge against them and their household. They made a deal to require their circumcision so they could be part of the Hebrews covenant, allow marriage, and exchange each other daughters to marry their sons. It was a good deal, but it was all a ploy for the brothers to take revenge when all the men were in pain and vulnerable. They killed all the men and took their possessions. The end of Dinah's story is not told of what happened to her, but she could not marry, having been defiled and her brothers killing her rapist who sought to be her husband. It's a story of revenge.

Chapter 34: Dinah's Defilement and Revenge

Dinah, the daughter of Jacob and Leah, was defiled by Shechem, a Hivite prince. Following the rape, Shechem desires to marry Dinah and seeks her father's approval. Jacob's sons, however, are incensed by violating their sister's honor and deceitfully propose a covenant with the Hivites, demanding that they all be circumcised.

The Hivites agree, but while they are weakened by circumcision, Jacob's sons, Simeon and Levi, take revenge by slaughtering the Hivite men and plundering their city. Jacob rebukes his sons for their actions, fearing retribution from neighboring peoples. The brothers' rash and vengeful behavior set the stage for Jacob's family drama. No mention of what happens to Dinah afterward, and if she was able to marry anyone in the culture where once a woman is defiled, she is no longer eligible for marriage.

Chapter 35: Return to Bethel and Rachel's Death

God instructs Jacob to go to Bethel, where he and his household purify themselves and worship God. During this time, God reaffirms Jacob's name change to Israel and reiterates the covenant promises made to Abraham and Isaac.

Rachel, Jacob's beloved wife, dies. She was cursed for stealing her father's god idols. Jacob pronounced a curse on anyone who stole the idol would die not knowing it was Rachel., She died giving birth to Benjamin, Jacob's youngest son. Her death is a poignant moment in Jacob's life and symbolizes the pain and loss experienced by the patriarchs throughout their journeys.

Chapter 36: The Generations of Esau

This chapter lists the genealogy of Esau's line, established in the land of Edom. Esau's descendants and their clans still show the fulfillment of God's promise to bless Esau with land and prosperity despite choosing Jacob's descendants for the twelve tribes.

Lessons For Today:

Consequences of Revenge: The story of Dinah's defilement and the subsequent revenge by Simeon and Levi illustrates the destructive consequences of seeking vengeance without God's guidance. Their actions increased hostility and danger for Jacob's family, not to mention no husband for Dinah.

Returning to God: Jacob's return to Bethel reminds us to return to God in times of difficulty and uncertainty. At Bethel, God reaffirms His covenant with Jacob, emphasizing the enduring nature of His promises.

These chapters relay righteousness, revenge, and legacy within the context of Jacob's family and Esau's descendants. They highlight seeking God's guidance, the consequences of impulsive actions, and the importance of returning to God's presence in times of uncertainty. Additionally, the genealogy of Esau's descendants underscores the multifaceted nature of God's covenant and His commitment to bless Jacob and Esau according to His divine plan.


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