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#146 🥖 Exodus 15-16 Manna and Quail 🦤 🍞🥣

Moses is now struggling with his people in the wilderness, where they must depend on God to provide all their needs. They sing a Song of Moses after their victory and deliverance across the Red Sea. However, now they start to complain about the food. God tests them to see if they would respond correctly rather than complaining constantly. They experienced and saw firsthand many miracles by God to deliver them from bondage in Egypt, but still, they lacked trust that God would provide all their needs.

God gave them manna from heaven, bread-like flakes, they could bake as sweet bread or boil. It tasted like coriander honey wafers. Every morning for six days, they went out to the wilderness, collecting the morning dew that dried up as flakes. They would collect roughly six pounds per person or household. They were specifically instructed not to save it overnight, except what they collected double on Friday to save for the Sabbath on Saturday. If they failed to follow instructions, the bread would stink and get infested with worms. This was the test for the Israelites to see if they could follow God's commands and rely on His provisions alone. This is the same test we all go through today to trust God for our provisions.

In Exodus 15, the Israelites, triumphant, sang a song of praise called "Song of Moses." The song lyrics celebrated God's victory over the Egyptians at the Red Sea, demonstrating His power, majesty, and deliverance. Miriam, Moses' sister, leads the women in a dance, expressing joy and gratitude. However, as the people journey into the wilderness, they soon face a challenge: the bitter waters of Marah. In response to Moses' prayer, God miraculously makes the waters sweet. He tells Moses to take a tree trunk and put it in the water, which makes it sweet. God promised to protect the Israelites from the diseases of Egypt if they diligently obeyed His commandments.

In Exodus 16, the Israelites, now in the wilderness of Sin, grumble about the lack of food. In response, God provides manna, a miraculous bread-like substance that appears each morning. God instructs the people to gather a double portion on the sixth day, preparing for the Sabbath rest. Despite God's provision, some disobey and attempt to hoard the manna, but it spoils. When the Israelites complained of no meat, God provided quails in the evenings until their nostrils got tired of smelling it. God ordains the Sabbath, consecrating it as Holy and resting on the seventh day.

Exodus 15-16 expresses the divine care and the need for faithful obedience to God's instructions. These chapters illustrate the complexities of the Israelites' journey, weaving together moments of praise, challenges, and God's ongoing provision and guidance.


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