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#154 ⛺ Exodus 33-36 Tent of Meeting 📝☁️☠️

God continued with His people for those who agreed to be with God and judged those who did not follow Him. He renewed the covenant with the remaining Israelites once again. God was still angry with them. He told Moses to establish a Tent of Meeting outside the camp where God would speak to Moses in person. For the journey, God told the people to take off their ornaments as their judgment for making the golden idol in place of God. Over the next few chapters, the people began to work on the Tabernacle.

Exodus 33 portrays the aftermath of the golden calf incident. Angered by the Israelites' rebellion, God withdrew His immediate presence from the camp. Distraught by the prospect of leading the people without God's guidance, Moses pleads with God to accompany them on their journey. In response, God assured Moses of His continued favor and revealed His glory. Moses boldly requested to see God's glory, and God accommodated this partially, allowing Moses to see His back but not His face. The chapter emphasizes the significance of God's presence in guiding and distinguishing the Israelites.

Exodus 34 recounts God's renewal of the covenant with the Israelites. Moses, having chiseled two new tablets, ascended Mount Sinai once again. God proclaimed His attributes, emphasizing His mercy, grace, and justice. The covenant was renewed, and God provided additional instructions, including observance of the festivals and offering first fruits. As Moses descended the mountain with the new tablets, his face radiated with the glory of God, a divine encounter on Mount Sinai.

Exodus 35 focuses on the preparations for building the Tabernacle. Moses gathered the people and instructed them to contribute materials and skills for the construction. The Israelites generously offered gold, silver, precious stones, and various materials. Skilled artisans, including Bezalel and Oholiab, were appointed to lead the construction. A communal effort and enthusiasm among the Israelites, participating in the construction of the Tabernacle.

Exodus 36 provides a detailed account of the actual construction of the Tabernacle. Under the guidance of skilled artisans, the people diligently work on crafting the components, including the ark, the curtains, the altar, and the priestly garments. The enthusiastic response and skillful contributions resulted in abundant materials, prompting Moses to instruct the people to cease their offerings eventually. This chapter signifies the unity and proficiency with which the Israelites carried out the construction project.

Exodus 33-36 depicts the aftermath of the golden calf incident, God's renewal of the covenant, and the enthusiastic preparations and construction of the Tabernacle. The transformative impact of encountering God demonstrated His continual presence, highlighting the repentance, renewal, and communal effort of the Israelites to build God's sacred space for worship and obedience to His instructions.

Exodus 33-36


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