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#157 🏛️ Who Is Going To Watch The Watchers? Grand Jury, Landmark Case ⚖️👨🏻‍⚖️

Dr. Henry Ealy, Oregon Senator Dennis Linthicum, and Judge Paul Naly join us today to talk about their Grand Jury petition filed against the CDC officials.

Their petition was initially denied, and now it is on appeal to hear oral arguments on December 5, 2023. This landmark case discusses whether private individuals can petition the Grand Jury outside prosecutorial discretion to charge corrupt officials. The Grand Jury was set up as an independent legal body charged with investigating cases brought before them by U.S. citizens, even though state or federal prosecutors traditionally have standing before the Grand Jury. The petition was denied in the Oregon State Court because it ruled that private citizens had no standing to file its petition.

This esteemed panel of guests all agree that the best way for Americans to seek justice for the governmental corruption and crimes committed against us is to exercise our right to file petitions locally in each country. More citizens should file petitions to establish this right of the people to hold any corrupt officials and private individuals who commit crimes against humanity like the Covid scam has shown. This is an enlightening and informative discussion to find resources and educate yourself on the inherent rights we all have as individuals to take action. This heroic team has been fighting in court to protect our collective rights since 2020. They are the watchers to watch the watchers who rule over us to hold them accountable. Join their efforts and sign up on their website,

Dr. Ealy is the Founder of the Energetic Health Institute and producer of COVID-CON ’21 conferences, where he teaches and exposes the issues related to the COVID scam over the last few years. He has written several peer-reviewed articles exposing what the CDC and others have done as evidence of violating our civil liberties and changing the medical definitions to screw data collection and reporting for monetary gains and medical controls.

Judge Paul Nally, Madison Forum Secretary and Chairman of Legal Education, spoke to a packed house at a dinner sponsored by the Canton Tea Party Patriots and The Madison Forum on November 12, 2015. Judge Naly has been an instrumental researcher and Grand Jury expert.

Dennis Linthicum, Oregon State Senator - District 28, has joined the cause to advocate for medical freedom and is against governmental overreach. He has played a vital role in representing his district in Oregon. In this case, he joined as a Plaintiff to protect our rights by petitioning the Grand Jury to ensure all our freedoms and seek justice.

Dr. Ealy also filed as Plaintiffs with the two Oregon State Senators, Senator Linthicum and Senator Thatcher. You can find more information on their website and download the court documents to learn more. If you like to support your time, money, or other resources, you can do so at their websites below.

Dr. Henry Ealy:


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Senator Dennis Linthicum:

Judge Paul Naly,

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