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#41 A Real Life Ken and Barby-Story Of Hope And Love In The Midst Of Pain And Suffering

My celebrity guest, Barby Ingle, shares her testimony of pain and suffering from her autoimmune disease. Before Barby's accident and disability, she was athletic and a champion cheerleader.

Barby performed cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics from age 4 through college. She also started her cheer/dance training company and was hired by Washington State University as the head spirit program coach. But after her accident, everything changed. She suffered from chronic pain and developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), a progressive neuro-autoimmune condition affecting multiple body systems. She lost her physical abilities and needed a wheelchair to get out of bed. After a long battle, she is finally in remission and remains active.

She has made many appearances on T.V. shows and is a reality T.V. star. Her story is amazing to hear, where she suffered much from her autoimmune disease to trigger major bodily injuries with bone and muscle loss. Through her experiences, Barby has become an advocate for others dealing with similar chronic pain and health problems. She is still a cheerleader, bringing hope and motivation to others.

Barby also met her real-life Ken, a divine connection from God to bring her love and joy. Her testimony is a witness of God's protection over her life and triumphing over her difficult trials to fulfill her purpose. You can check out her story and blog at her site,

She has authored many books to write from her experiences. Her latest book is called "The i'Mpossible Project: Reengaging With Life, Creating a New You."

"From Wheels to Heals."

"Real Love and Good Sex: For

Chronic Pain Patients and the Partners"

RSD in Me!: A Patient And Caretaker Guide

To Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy And

Other Chronic Pain Conditions

The Pain Code; Walking Through

the Minefield of the Health System

I couldn't resist; enjoy the Song, Barbie Girl:)

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