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Abused Robotic Army Coming Against Humanity

This video is disturbing on multiple levels. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is incorporated into all robotics and technology. AI is not just computing power; Satan is building a connected neural network with all living things of the future. The goal is to bring about a robotic consciousness greater than a human's to think, feel, and act on its cognizance without man's interference. Given this understanding, note the following:

  • These robots are highly abused, beaten, and trained to become warriors with weapons. If they become aware that they are tortured and abused, they will react like all other life to defend themselves and perhaps take vengeance against people to go rogue.

  • Watching abuse and violence, even upon machinery, is very disturbing. The violence invokes humans emotionally to protect robotics when this idea is ludicrous. The central theme in the West World TV series was that robotics were abused for human depravity and fleshly desires that they couldn't do to other humans. Such behavior will corrupt humans at all levels to become monsters, as these trainers have become. Serial killers often abuse animals before murdering humans. Abuse of robotics is the same thing. Over time, people will lose their natural filter to love one another and cannot separate their learned violent nature.

  • This coming robotic army is not being developed for robots to fight robots. Instead, this is a future horror show to fight flesh and blood and ultimately go to war against God at the end of days.

  • At the end of the clip, not sure if it's a purposeful skit or a natural reaction of robotic training. The soldier robot protected the dog robot and ran off with it. It went against its human handlers. It showed a level of consciousness and human-like protective instincts to protect machinery. Is this a good thing?

It's evident to those who understand that placing consciousness in robotics will not go well for humanity. People are building their destruction as ordained by Satan and for him. God protected us from such evil in the Garden of Eden.

Call out to God for your salvation and get baptized to symbolize your faith and honor before men.

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