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#7 Case For Christ, A Presentation For Unbelievers

Initially, this presentation was intended to speak to a group of unbelievers to make a case for Christ. However, this is a relevant video for anyone who wants to know the basics about the Bible and those seeking God. If you don't know anything about Christ, the Bible, and how to be saved, this presentation will help guide you to come to faith and plant a seed in your heart.

We are getting closer and closer to all choosing to either belong to the Kingdom of Christ or pledge your allegiance to the coming antichrist. The Gospels of Christ will set you free from bondage and sin. Christ offers to live eternally with Him in a new body and a new heaven and earth. The antichrist can only try to mimic God to be like God but can only offer death and destruction.

If you become interested to learn more and want to join a bible study group, please watch to the end for more information.

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