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Child Wants To Grow Up As A Murderer, Killing Everyone

Click the video above to play and unmute

It's a disturbing video of a young boy, around six to nine years old, who wants to become a murderer when he grows up. The boy's image is removed from this video to protect his identity. No one should be posting any videos of children on the internet. But, what he said in the video is so chilling and terrifying that everyone should hear this. Society has gotten bad enough that evil manifests in children like this.

He is not alone in such thoughts. Many children invoke this desire with satanic images and ideas from movies, shows, music, games, and books, and being surrounded by perverted adults breaks their consciousness from the truth and reality of their actions. The future generation will be sick with no morality filters to stop them from acting out their evil desires. The last right people seek to legalize will be the murder of anyone they choose. The future will allow it to become lawless and full of murderers to become a social norm.

This video is not for entertainment but a warning for parents not to expose their children to any media or TV shows until they are old enough to know right or wrong and make-believe from reality. If you love your children, now is the time to protect them from the outside world more than ever.

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