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Children Sick & Dying Minutes After COVID Shots-VAERS Report

This video is horrifying to watch. The author of this video reads the VAERS report injuries of minor children under ten years old. Visible injuries are reported repeatedly, yet they continue injecting the bioweapons into children and adults.

The report shows that Americans have lost their minds in group thinking, complicit in murdering kids and adults. The healthcare workers all know this to continue with their slaughter. The parents are guilty of sacrificing their own children to Big Pharma. It's mindboggling that many people are complicit in these harmful and deadly shots. If the adults want to do this to themselves voluntarily, fine, go down with the lemmings. When adults participate in doing this to innocent children who trust their parents, all deserve the harshest God's judgment for what they did to the children.

Everyone should watch this video. Start talking to your neighbors, friends, and family and tell them the truth.

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