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CObra Venom ID 19 Neurotoxins, Dr. Ardis Discovery

Mike Adam's excellent interview with Dr. Ardis. Dr. Ardis explains his theory of snake venom injected into people via Covid19 injections. He shows us the news and journals, proving his theory. Big pharma, world leaders, and major corporations are partaking in a mass genocide plan to depopulate the planet and transform those who survive it into a new breed of humans—a new race of people with hybridized genetic makeup with snake genome and other spliced animal DNA.

The Bible spoke of a great evil coming and warned humanity over 2000 years ago that men's hearts will fail from what they see and hear.

It's time to accept that we live in a fallen world run by Satan and his minions. The only escape is not death but the free gift of Jesus Christ for your salvation and everlasting life. Jesus came down as a man to show us his kingdom and give us a way out to be with him.

Many rejected God and his gift, even when it's apparent that the Bible is true daily. You don't have to fear what's coming and what is being done. Jesus has his hand and commands his army of angels to watch over us and protect us from harm. Satan may be able to deprive or kill us physically, but he can never take away our souls and inheritance.

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