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#73 Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022; The Antichrist And A Cup Of Tea With Tim Cohen

Tim Cohen exposes the Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022 ceremony as blatant occultic worship of Satan. Tim identifies King Charles as the Antichrist already ruling the world behind the scenes. He orchestrates the globalist agenda and policies to unite the world as a global government.

The Games ceremony was filled with satanic symbolism of Satan and his fallen angels with the exploding star falling to earth. The ceremony announced Satan's arrival with more fanfare, reminiscent of Christ's birth, where the Wisemen followed the Star of Bethlehem to Jesus. The exploding star comes together as the morning star, the Star of Birmingham, representing Satan's arrival. The ceremony then proceeded to worship the bull idol, eventually connecting it to the star of Satan during the ceremony to become the shining light over all the earth.

All the performers and media personalities wore the exact colors of the LGBTQ+ rainbow flag. The crayon colors used in children's toys, grooming them for decades, are now openly paraded as the gay pride colors, highjacking the rainbow, a promise of God not to flood the earth again with water. Instead, the rainbow became a pride symbol for perversions and abominations. Three of the four announcers wore rainbow colors, symbolizing that most people in the future will be part of LGBTQ+, all forms of sexual deviants.

Tim published many books and his best seller, The Antichrist and A Cup of Tea.

Tim demonstrates that all prophecies of the coming AntiChrist — which could be fulfilled before he assumes control over a global government during the Great Tribulation — are already fulfilled in a living King of Roman lineage; this is true of no one else.

King Charles, for example, has the lineage: he claims descent simultaneously from Israel's King David, Islam's false prophet Mohammed, and, by a false occult heritage, Jesus Christ Himself!

The imagery: King Charles' heraldic achievement or coat of arms has the symbolism of the first beast of Revelation 13, representing the AntiChrist, and of Daniel 7 (i.e., the little horn had eyes like those of a man — a unicorn with human eyes). His coat of arms also bears the red dragon described in Revelation 12 & 13, explicitly representing Satan. He was seen globally as he faced this dragon in 1969 when coronated as "Prince of the Red Dragon" (i.e., Satan).

King Charles has the involvement in the Mideast peace process already since 1987. The Road Map, the Oslo process, and the Madrid Peace are directly traceable to the London Agreement of 1987, in which King Charles partook.

King Charles has been mankind's number one globalist for decades. He has been over the entire New World Order power structure—through the world's most prominent and oldest order of chivalry: the Order of the Garter.

As referenced in the Bible, King Charles' imagery eludes to the abomination that causes desolation. In March 2002, while trekking through Brazilian rain forests, King Charles was presented with a miniature version of a statue depicting himself as an angelic figure with large wings standing atop a mass of human bodies looking up to him as savior!

The statue's base inscribes "Saviour of the World." And it has his face with wings. The Brazilian officials asked his permission to create a ten cubits-high (12 or 15 feet) version of this statue and to place it in a square named after him in their capital city. Instead of calling it blasphemy to identify him as Saviour of the World, he remarked, "I am touched and deeply amazed," and gladly gave permission to create the larger version.

This statue arrived years after Tim's 1998 publication of his first edition of The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea. No other man or woman is being called "Saviour of the World" other than this former Prince of Whales, whom Tim identified decades before as the foretold AntiChrist. Coincidence? No.

Tim also identifies the Apocalypse's "fourth horseman" (i.e., King Charles) and shows his pale-green-gray "horse" (Rev6:7-8) and "second horseman," the red horse, to be both North Korea and the United States. In his other book, North Korea, Iran, and The coming World War, Tim dwells deeply into this topic.

Is Jesus' return now just years away? Jesus said,

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. Mathew 24:36 KJV.

No man would know the "day or hour" of His return (i.e., the second advent), but He did not say — nor does scripture anywhere — that no man would know the "year," "month," or "week;" in that omission, Jesus left open the possibility.

Tim's books reveal not only the Antichrist's identity but also that we may be only years away from Jesus' return and Armageddon. You can find all his books and more information on this site, Also, by clicking the book covers on this page above, link to Amazon.

His Youtube channel,, and his Gab social media at, You can also search "Author Tim Cohen" to find him on Telegram.

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