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#81 COVID-19 Deception Book Release

COVID-19 DECEPTION is finally published. The cost is $25 to reflect four months of work to expose the lies and educate the reader about what is happening with global UHC standardized global health care. Gene therapy drugs aim to modify the human race genetically, mixed with animal genetic coding. Today's lab-made viruses are constructed within a few hours, added with a cocktail of edited genomes to corrupt all life. The New World Order controls all corporations in a top-down model, so they are ready to respond to all government lockstep programs enslaving the world at a moment's notice.

Covid-19 Deception Book Release

Satan seeks to achieve immortality and will kill many along the way. The mmRNA science is still in its infancy and deadly. In their own words, scientists knew of its fatal risks, but the U.S. government authorized the drugs at Warp Speed to initiate the New World Order. Trump, the "father of the vaccines," open the spigot to spend billions and fool the world with mad science.--"Trust Science" over God's authority and creation. This book covers 22 informative chapters, analyzing what people need to know. There is no excuse for ignorance to see the truth and possibly save yourself from the lies told.

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