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Destroying Food Production Around the World-Inducing Famine

Food Destruction and Its Distribution

It's no coincidence that food production plants burned down and destroyed crops worldwide. The kill shots took too long to kill off the masses, and now the next stage of warfare against humanity—fires rage in food production areas like Nebraska and California. Governments worldwide have paid farmers to stop growing food and destroy all crops. Leaders interfered with time-tested farming methods with new rules and agendas, destroying crop yields. Below is a list of all food plants destroyed. Statistically, this cannot happen as all major plants are burned down. You can easily conclude that this is a deliberate war waged on America.

Also, grain production in Ukraine was halted due to the war.

China and India are buying and storing foods, yet other nations are destroying crops. A plan in the making!

This intentional food warfare has been ongoing. The results of governmental policies worldwide and corporate interference to influence social and public policy will now impact the planet to starve humanity.

Destruction of America

China and the globalists have declared war against American citizens to plunder the West in time. America has valuable land resources, oil and gas reserves, undeveloped wide open spaces, and is the land of milk and honey.

America is a target for its destruction and becoming conquered by foreign nations who want its land and resources, like China. Every American must read General Chi Haotian's speech to understand why everything is happening worldwide. China, Russia, and Israel are on the move.

The General analyzed Nazi Germany and Japan's efforts in war to outline its failures. China thinks it's a superior yellow race to conquer and rule over all nations.

The Bible says Jerusalem will attempt to rule all nations but fails. No matter what China and the globalists want to conquer, the land ultimately belongs to God. We trust in the Lord, not in physical men and women. Nor do we fear Nations and their coming brutality. God has a plan to protect His people.

The Chinese trust in themselves as ordained by their Community Party. China removed God from its nation, so its people worship men to maintain control. God will find every one of his sheep, no matter where it is. God is likely to infest China with His Word, where its leaders will be brought down to their knees.

Freedom is coming to China. God delivered His people in Exodus. He will do this again for all people ruled by modern Pharaohs. China attempts to create its Exodus but will ultimately fail to know God is in charge of its destiny.

Out of Chaos, New World Order Shall Rise

All the problems in the world have only one source-SIN. Because of sin and men allowing sin to fester, nothing will stop what's coming except for crying out to God.

The apathy of people unable to control a rogue government and turn down bribes and incentives has allowed evil to grow to this point. Men can no longer protect themselves from tyranny or store food long enough to survive the carnage of death globally.

The book of Joel tells us how to call out to God and repent of our sins so that God can remove the evil that plagued Israel in Joel's times. They were to gather all land citizens, gather their elders, fast and pray, and cry out to the Lord. Is anyone doing this today? Sadly, No. Christians don't know their Bible. They don't understand the history and why it's told; they reject the teachings of God. They misunderstand what the Bible is communicating. Christians are biblically illiterate and untrained spiritually. Each follows their spiritual path, likened to witchcraft and new-age pagan teachings. The Body of Christ is sick and dying. It's not a matter of revival of Jesus' movement. Rather, believers must come together and learn God's Word. Christians must understand the Word of God and apply its teachings daily, executing God's power over the land and His people. The book of Joel tells us how to come together in crisis, praying and crying out to the Lord. The madness can be slowed down today to bring peace again until the time of the end, as foretold in the book of Revelation. Or, perhaps the apostasy is here and an actual famine of the Word of God in His people who lack His knowledge.

If you want HOPE, the goodness of life, repent and get baptized in the name of the Lord. See the articles on salvation and baptism and about the Ethiopian eunuch who submitted himself to God and was baptized.

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May 04, 2022

Its amazing how so many food processing plants are getting burned to the ground. Hmmm. Why?

May 23, 2022
Replying to

We are in World War III and under attack. People aren't getting it yet. Perhaps, when it's too late. People expect wars and attacks with guns and military, but don't see it coming when it's under its own government policy and actions against its people.

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