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#33 Filmmaker Lisetty Sandoval, Faith-Based Film "Penelope's Story"

My young talented guest, Lisetty Sandoval, speaks about her short film projects. Her current short film, "Penelope's Story," is where she is a producer and director to tell a compelling story. The short movie is about a strong-willed teenage girl, Penelope, tormented through years of sexual slavery; she gets a chance to escape her bondage from an unexpected patron, but her newfound faith is tested to break the cycle of abuse.

Lisetty also talks about her own story of moving to a new country from Ecuador to find herself struggling in her new marriage while studying her craft as a filmmaker. After losing hope in getting through the difficulties in her marriage, God called her to himself, gave her a new life, and saved her marriage. She persevered through her challenges to come to Jesus and present Him to her husband to save their marriage. Her husband heard her call to believe in God and was also saved. Her story is a beautiful testimony of God working through people and calling them to Himself. Lesetty and her husband listened to God, endured their trials, and became stronger to stay married as Believers.

She has also produced and directed other short films, "The Fallen" and a documentary comedy called "El Blanco."

Lisetty, as a Christian filmmaker, is spreading the gospel through her work. If you want to support Lisetty's Penelope's Story film project, click the photo or link below to her Seed&Spark campaign.

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