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#25 Finding Washington With Richard Raines


After spending the last 20 years teaching in a church or college classroom setting, leading a mid-sized medical company as CEO, and serving the citizens of Lowndes County, Georgia, as an elected Commissioner, I began to grow very concerned that the world I was leaving my five kids was significantly worse than the world my dad handed me. That's why I wrote Finding Washington. I wanted to find a way to merge my faith, love of history, and love of country to communicate to others that we must do better, but, more importantly, be better. Since Americans have looked to George Washington for inspiration since our founding, I thought it would be appropriate for us to look to him once more.

Richard speaks about revival in America to reflect the virtuous values of George Washington displayed as a founding father and a professing Christian. Although he talks about Washington owning slaves in his time and providing for their families, he does not excuse the sins of the past. Instead, he focuses on his values of integrity and honesty in preserving American culture today.

He has done extensive research to write his book about Washington's life. But he also addresses our declining moral culture compared to Washington's virtues displayed in the historical moments of his life. Thus, he makes good points about why we need a revival of such virtues as a Nation.

Richard seeks to build a Christian community to help support each other. Thus, you can contact Richard directly at his email,, and start the conversation with him. In time, he would like to build a platform to bring his community together to talk about the future of America.

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