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#26 Government Incentivizing Hospitals and Staff To Carry Out Deadly Protocols

Scott Schara shares his tragic story about the premeditated murder of his 19-year-old daughter Grace. Grace was Christian, had down syndrome, and was unvaccinated. Satan is prowling like a roaring lion seeking to devour and to have found her.

Being the government incentivized for financial gain, these hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other staff are actively complicit in murdering the most vulnerable in our society, the elderly and disabled, and those who can’t speak for themselves.

The first thing the hospitals do is to separate the patient from the family, allowing them to execute their plan with no accountability. Then the hospital and its staff immediately sedated her, put her on heavy drugs, strapped her down to the bed, and much more to preplan the deadly protocol with no consciousness. She went in mostly healthy but with low blood oxygen levels that could have been easily cured and sent home without sedation. Instead, the medical community carried out its horrendous protocols, eventually leading to her horrific death.

Scott and his wife have become Grace’s advocates to speak about what happened to her and these intentional acts to warn people of the dangers of trusting the medical system at this time when they are willing to murder for money.

Grace lived a well-loved active life; her disability was invisible to those around her. Scott and his wife greatly loved their daughter. Scott created his website for Grace to tell her story and speak for her that now she can no longer speak for herself.

If you want to reach out to Scott and donate, you can get more information at his website,

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