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#37 Haiti Between Pestilence and Hope With Fritznel Octave

My special guest, Fritznel Octave, speaks about his book "Haiti Between Pestilence and Hope" and the history of Haiti and its future.

Fritznel is also a journalist, and he has published his works in radio, newspapers, and magazines to speak about Haiti and its people. He started his career in mid-1990 as a host and reporter at Radio "Vwa Fawes" (Voice of the Far-West), a community radio boasting program outreach based in northwestern Haiti. Octave later wrote for various newspapers, news agencies, and magazines. Before moving to the United States in the early 2000s, Fritznel spent most of his career reporting and featuring for the weekly "Journal Libete," local news agency "Haitienne de Presse" (AHP), international news agencies - Inter Press Service (IPS) and Syfia International, and Island Beat Magazine of the Panos Institute, among others.

Fritznel is an expert on Haiti and its people. He motivates and guides Haitians to stand up for themselves and their community by encouraging them to know their worth and make Haiti a safer place to live and thrive. He connects his readers with Haiti's current political, cultural, and socioeconomic policies to not let the accomplishments of Haitian revolutionaries against oppression, exploitation, injustice, and inequity go down the drain. Thus, his book discusses all these topics in greater detail.

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