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#44 Haiti's Hidden Treasures With Fritznel Octave

Fritznel Octave is back to talk more about Haiti and its issues to one day thrive. Haiti struggles with a small group of corrupt people to take control over the majority. The people of Haiti need a mental transformation to align themselves with the gospel of Christ and their nation.

Fritznel wrote his book "Haiti Between Pestilence and Hope." He discusses Haiti's problems and describes hope to the Haitian people by changing their thinking for a better future. He says that Haiti doesn't need any more missionaries, and it already has enough funding and services to help Haiti. The main problem is the small fraction of corrupt people working with the criminal syndicates destroys Haiti for profit. Whenever any companies invest in Haiti's infrastructure and its future, the local government cartels take the money for themselves, and nothing goes to the people. The corruption is what has kept Haiti from succeeding despite its rich heritage and resources available to make all Haitians very wealthy people. Fritznel is still hopeful that Haiti will one day become a shining beacon in the Caribbean and thrive.

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