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#80 Hospital Killing Lanes--Covid Death Protocols

Scott Schara lost his daughter Grace at 19 years old, Rebecca Charles lost her daughter Danielle at 28, and David Dobson lost his son Ares at 13 to Covid death protocols. Their stories are familiar now. The hospitals admit them for COVID-19 and then pressure the parents/guardians to submit to the government-mandated protocols intended to kill the patients rather than save them. Numerous lies for money.

The hospital killing lanes are all about money to incentivize the doctors and hospitals to reduce the population and the most vulnerable. In each story, The children admitted had special needs. Doctors then bullied the parents into giving them remdesivir, intubation, ICU upgrades, ventilators, and total isolation. No food or water to shock their system while given a heavy cocktail of drugs to damage their organs to death permanently. No compassion and healthcare even went so far as to break bones with no treatment afterward. Doctors and nurses had no decency to provide even the basic needs while the children were admitted under their care. The parents succumbed to the pressure to provide unnecessary and deadly treatments while watching their children die in the hospital.

Their emotional trauma has left them scarred for life and perhaps feeling guilty for being unable to save them. They are now feeling hopeless about what happened to them. Unfortunately, their story is not unique anymore. This killing business has become common practice for hospitals and doctors to kill their patients for money under the guise of Covid protocols.

God has a purpose in all such evils. While the children are gone, they are with God forever. Each had a loving home to loving parents. Their parents loved them so much that to continued to care for their memories even after their deaths. We pray for the grieving parents and those going through such terrible ordeals.

So please watch this video podcast to learn how it happened and take action.

You could contact Scott Schara at his website if you lost someone with similar hospital protocols. Scott also has his podcast to share much more on these topics regularly. He is your best resource to learn more and make more connections.

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