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#29 Indie Filmmaking With Bo Roberts

My celebrity guest, Bo Roberts, is a model, actor, and filmmaker. Bo was very good at explaining the process of making a low-budget indie film. He has done over seventeen short films, with his latest film, "The Great Awakening."

He also acted in a few big-budget films like 300: Rise of the Empire.

Before getting into acting, Bo was a model featured on the covers of GQ, Cosmo, Men's Health, and others.

Today, he focuses his passion on making indie films. He shared the basics of filmmaking: good lighting, a decent camera you can manually control and adjust, and quality sound. Bad sound quality can ruin the entire film and become unwatchable. So, having a good sound technician is a must.

Bo also discusses the nature of making low-budget films. He was able to make his last short film for around $1600. He shared good information that one can make a short film on less. The key to making your successful film, he said, is to treat and feed the crew well and keep up their morale when they are giving up themselves for the project with no budget.

A great interview with a great person, who shared his gifts and knowledge in the podcast. Saved and Loved was inspired by Bo to make its first indie film, Ruth, eventually.

You can see his work on this website and his profile on IMDb.

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