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#43 "Love Is" By Kim Sorrelle

Kim Sorrelle survived breast cancer while her husband died of pancreatic cancer. She went through a challenging time with cancer four at the same time her husband battled his cancer. She had a loving marriage and raised four children.

Kim is a fantastic person with diverse experience as an athlete and running her humanitarian organization, Ray of Hope International. She is a director running programs to help Haitians and the people of the Dominican Republic. Rays of Hope International is a partnering organization working with people in their own country to help themselves with planning, coordinating, and donating supplies.

She also coached basketball for over 25 years and high school varsity volleyball for 17; her team ranked in the top ten in the state for 16 of the 17 years.

After losing her husband, Kim had to start over. She took the same winning energy to move forward and write several books. Her first book, "Cry Until You Laugh," is about her and her husband's battle with cancer after being diagnosed just four months apart.

Her second book, "Love Is," chronicles her year-long quest to figure out the true meaning of love from a biblical perspective that led to her life-changing discoveries found mainly on the streets of Haiti.

You can learn more about Kim at her website,

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