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#35 Master Your Communication Skills With Brenden Kumarasamy

My wonderful guest speaker, Brenden Kumarasamy, discusses his strategic methods to improve your communication skills effortlessly.

Brenden is gifted at helping others communicate effectively. He started his YouTube channel, MasterTalk, after he realized that everything he was teaching people wasn't available for FREE on the Internet.

In response to bad advice like "be yourself," "get up on stage," or better, "imagine everyone in their underpants," Branden pressed record on his phone. He began filming videos on communication initially. He has become an expert in his field, teaching many people worldwide and helping them master their communication skills.

You can learn about his free workshop at his website, The workshop is live and interactive with the instructors to help you get started. If interested, you can sign up for more consultations.

You can also check out his Youtube channel, Master Talks, for many free tips and strategies to help you with public speaking and communications. He publicly shares his expertise with those who can't afford his workshops while coaching many executives to perform better with personal coaching lessons.

I believe the next Elon Musk is a 7-year-old girl who can't afford a communication coach, so it's my duty to help her succeed with my free resources. - Brenden K.

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