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Watch the Water, Snake Venom

Stew Peters Interview of Dr. Bryan Ardis

Dr. Bryan Ardis's shocking claims follow the trail of how snake venom and its gnome are used to poison people: the name Covid-19, a/k/a Cobra Venom ID with 19 Neurotoxins. The Corona plandemic is related to snake venom, and the symptoms suffered from killing and maiming people are likened to the effects of snakebite, particularly the King Cobra. The toxins affect the respiratory to stop breathing and lower the blood's oxygen levels. Other symptoms include organ failure, including heart damage.

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2 comentários

04 de mai. de 2022

So Is the vaccine worse than Cobra 19? If so should it be taken in order to travel or go to the store? Or is it the mark of the beast?

23 de mai. de 2022
Respondendo a

It's just a slower randomized death shot. At least with a snake bite, you can see and know what the poison is and get treated for it. With this, everyone is guessing and mandating the wrong protocols, killing fields. God has to do something soon, and people need to know what they partook in.

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