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#38 Where Are The Masculine Christian Men? Coach Dave Daubenmire

Coach Dave Daubenmire, ex-football coach and now a minister of God's Word. In the 1990s, the ACLU sued Coach Dave for mixing prayers and coaching his football team. He went through a long two-year battle with ACLU. No pastor came to help Coach Dave as he stood up for God and prayed with his team. So from this experience, Coach quit his job and went into a ministry called "Pass the Salt" around 2003.

Coach Dave does a daily podcast, which is all about Christian manhood., posted at What's amazing about Coach Dave is that he says what needs to be said that masculine Christian men have left the church and are not coming back. The churches are now mostly engaging women, and pastors have become feminized in the church.

Coach Dave gives excellent statistics during his podcast below. Masculine men and masculine women don't attend church. Football players and actors have the most testosterone while the pastors have the least. Coach is on point in discussing the reality of not only feminizing all of the western cultures but also within the church.

Watch his full podcast below on "Where Are The Masculine Men?"

Coach says that today's pastors are not up for the fight. Most Americans are not engaged in the spiritual fight to be dogs with no bark. The salt lost its saltiness in America. The real men are not coming back to the church. Women now are leading the church, and men act like women.

Sadly, no men today will go against the cultural norms like drag queen hour taught at the libraries. So where are the Chrisitan men? He says we as a society are taught to act like women. and to accept everything. Coach says it will take real God-fearing Christian men to restore any decency in our nation to have any hope.

It's not the role of women to be on the frontline fighting the forces of darkness. That's the job of man.

A lot of men still love Jesus, but they are not coming back to the church. Now we are experiencing a "separation of sheep from sheep," not just the separation of sheep from goats.

I enjoyed talking with Coach Dave. You don't want to miss this podcast and watch it to the end. He is an inspiration to all Christian men to step up. Christian Women also want a strong Christian man to retake the lead.

You can check out his other videos at his site,

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