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Yuval Noah Harari, 2021 60 Minutes Interview

Harari recognized that obtaining our data is the new currency, accelerated with Covid in collecting all our biodata and biometrics.

To Hack a human being is to get to know the person better than they know themselves. And based on that to increasingly manipulated.

The A.I. finds patterns in everything you do online to analyze your identity. Harari also proclaims to be a gay man. He says that the government can easily use the collected data to know if a person is gay or not before the person knows it or proclaims it publicly. With new technology and data collection, the government or corporation has a greater ability to manipulate man and his free will.

Harari believes evolution requires technological intervention to merge man with a machine to better evolve as a future man. The ultimate goal is a system to think and act on our behalf, eliminating free will to run our lives as a universal manufactured god for all people.

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04 may 2022

As it says its only artificial. Where is the spirit?

Me gusta
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