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David J. Harvey, UK indie pop artist.  "Cinderella" resembles a full-fledged feature movie of a true love story and romance expressed in poetry and sound.​  It's an amazing album with intricate sound fluctuations peppered throughout the sophisticated track listings. You will enjoy the relationship between the complex picking patterns and instrumentation, especially as the album progresses.

David is a talented musician who has put his heart and soul into his music.  His personality and thoughts are reflected in his music as a singer and songwriter.

"All I want to do is write delicate songs that make me and the audience thinks while I’m playing them.“  


"It's all drawn upon my experiences and not made up fantasy, which is why my music is so important to me.”-David J. Harvey.


"Cinderella" has a lot to offer as being endearing and authentic to melt your heart and touch your soul.  The first track, “Turn My Love Around,” definitely sets the tone for the rest of the album with melodic vocals and captivating guitar chords that are pristine and lush..  One must appreciate the engineering that went on with this album to create an excellent sustained sound throughout the tracks without becoming too overbearing. There was a lot of added depth and versatility to the mixes through reverberation and ambiance that is unprecedented for many indy artists.  David's gift of being able to express love in his music is shared with the world to feel and enjoy!


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