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Icebergs That Can Sink A Marriage Like The Titanic

Iceberg That Sink A Marriage Like The Titanic


Let’s face it, having a good marriage and relationship is hard. With God, a healthy biblical marriage between a good husband and a good wife is easy peasy. Metaphorically, marriage is defined in this book as sailing through rough waters with hidden icebergs that can sink a relationship with just one blow, as it did with the famous ship Titanic. The wealthy men and women aboard the Titanic brought their prized possessions and jewels, unaware of their pending demise at the last second. As such, a man and a woman can only achieve a successful and happy marriage by following God's Word to avoid the lurking hidden dangers beneath the waters. His definition of marriage supersedes the world's ideas and laws.


This book is an easy read you will love to refer back to and share with others. The principles outlined transcend time and cultural values to showcase Christ as the head of your home and family.

Icebergs That Can Sink A Marriage Like The Titanic

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