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Peter Griggs is a classical guitarist who performs amazingly with only his guitar strings.  He has performed throughout New York City and around the World. 


"Ophelia" is a brilliant illustration of what classical guitar should sound like creating soft and relaxing melodies that elevate one's mood and provides therapeutic properties through musical healing.


Ophelia's soothing music tangled with comforting provides calmness and serenity to your mind, body, and soul, but most importantly - sheer enjoyment.  The raw guitar, through his music, produces clear sentient frequencies that target one's consciousness without becoming convoluted with other unnecessary noise and instruments that interfere with the musical language.  His musicianship exemplifies the original talent every artist should display in the songwriting and production realm.

In today's World, Ophelia is a perfect tranquil experience to be shared alone or with a group of friends at a dinner party.  His music will take you to another place.  Please support Peter and our site to continue to bring you more gifted works by our talented artists.


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