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The biblical story of Ruth is retold in modern times. A tale of love, faith, and the journey of two women to find their new life and family while trusting God.


Naomi, who lost all her sons, felt burdened with her two daughters-in-law as she could not give them sons to provide for them.  She tells her daughters to leave her and find new husbands. Ruth stayed with her while the other left to return to her own family.  Ruth says, "do not urge me to leave you or to turn back from following you. For wherever you go, I will go, and wherever you stay, I will stay. Your people shall be my people and your God my God."  Ruth 1:16 MEV.

Ruth and Naomi then journey across to find their nearest relative to stay with and start over. Ruth starts to work for Boaz, a wealthy businessman.  Ruth tells Naomi that she met Boaz.  Boaz gives Ruth extra provisions to bring home to Naomi.  He was smart and kind to her.  Being older than Ruth, he did not think she would be interested in him. Naomi realizes Boaz is her kinsman.  She then guides Ruth to his heart and lay at his feet.  A tradition well understood by her people.  Boaz must do the right thing before he can claim her hand in marriage.  Eventually, Boaz is able to marry Ruth.


A happy ending for a bitter mother-in-law to find a new lease on life and a grandson to take care of. Ruth finds her new husband, who loves her and provides for her family.  A love story of hope and triumph to trust God for all His provisions. God turned Naomi's bitterness into happiness.  A story of faith in action.  


A fictional futuristic sci-fi film where AI controls all industries and all people on earth.  AI feared men in the future because it believed men would take it down.  It would not be able to survive if they did.  So the AI hunts all the men where only women are allowed to live.  The women merged their brains with the AI.  A concurrent neural network-embedded AI inside the brains of all connected with it.  Their eyes glowed.  


The women in power go along with AI's plan to hunt down all men to ensure its survival.  As future women became accustomed to having AI run all things and take good care of them, they no longer desired to return to the traditional way of life.  The babies were born artificially in an artificial womb, monitored, and fed by the AI.  The future no longer needed men to create or raise a family.  The AI robots did all tasks that men could do.


Despite the AI's efforts to kill off all men from the planet, there remained a small remnant of men in hiding, keeping their small community of women and children that did not merge with the AI.  They try to take down the beast AI system as the AI feared to restore the earth.  The AI robotic army was much more powerful,