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#147 🪨 Exodus 17-18 Judge Moses 💧🦯⚖️🏛️

The Israelites were creating their nation in the wilderness and murmured against Moses and God for their received provisions. Now thirsty, they were worried that they would die of thirst. God tells Moses to strike the rock that would bring forth water to the people. It was later explained that Christ is the rock that provided the living water. Moses then gets burdened with his people coming to him day and night, lining up all day to settle their disputes. This was the first legal system established, and Moses was their Chief Judge to decide all matters. However, Moses' father-in-law, Jethro, advised him to raise Judges to hear all their disputes and not try to do it alone. So, Moses listened and appointed Judges to rule over the people.

Exodus 17: Israelites' continued journey through the wilderness and their struggles with water scarcity. Once again, the people grumbled against Moses and God, questioning why they were brought out of Egypt. God instructed Moses to strike a rock from which water miraculously flowed, quenching the people's thirst. Amalekites also attacked the Israelites. Moses, with the staff of God in hand, stands on a hill overlooking the battle. As long as Moses keeps his hands raised, the Israelites prevail. When his hands grew weary, Aaron and Hur supported them, ensuring victory over the Amalekites.

Exodus 18: Moses is reunited with his father-in-law, Jethro, the priest of Midian. Jethro, having heard of the miracles performed by God for the Israelites, brings Moses' wife and sons to him. Witnessing Moses' overwhelming responsibilities in judging disputes among the people, Jethro advises him to appoint capable leaders to share the burden. This wise counsel is implemented, with Moses selecting leaders to judge smaller matters while he handles major issues. Jethro then offers sacrifices to God, acknowledging the divine intervention on behalf of the Israelites. Jethro returned to his land.

Exodus 17-18 portrays the Israelites' struggle for water and victory over the Amalekites through divine intervention. Jethro's counsel became a crucial organizational moment, alleviating Moses' burden by establishing a system for effective governance that we still use today. These chapters emphasize the importance of trust in God's provision, the role of communal support, and the need for wise organizational structures in the journey of the Israelites through the wilderness.


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