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#149 ๐“ Exodus 21-22 Justice & Restitution ๐Ÿ‘Š ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ’ฒ

Despite what people say about God to be mean and unfair, Yahweh is a God of Justice. God protects the innocent and victims by enacting common law to give them rights and restitution in a court of law. Anyone who killed another would suffer the same judgment in death. There were no jails at this time in the wilderness, and justice was swift. All murderers received the death penalty. If not premeditated, then they could flee to sanctuary cities. God protected the widows, fatherless, poor, pregnant women, and slaves; much of the laws today came from these common laws established in Exodus and the following few books. God is just and fair. He gave all people their bill of rights and set compensation for the victims.

In Exodus 21, God outlined practical common laws and regulations to govern disputes between the people. These laws covered issues of servitude, personal injury, and property rightsโ€”God detailed laws regarding Hebrew servants, establishing fairness and humane treatment. The common laws addressed cases of physical harm, outlining the principles of compensation and justice. The animals were not forgotten. The laws established the ethical treatment of animals and the consequences for injuring or killing them. This chapter concludes with laws restitution for personal injury, "an eye for an eye" philosophy.

Exodus 22 continues with defining legal statutes, addressing theft, property damage, and social responsibility. The laws included penalties for theft, guidelines for the restitution of stolen property, and consequences for damaging another person's fields or vineyards. The laws also covered debt: borrowing, and lending, protecting both parties involved. More laws regarding seduction and witchcraft, as well as the importance of moral and spiritual integrity. God instructed fair and just treatment of strangers, widows, and orphans by offering hospitality to strangers, emphasizing compassion and social justice.

Exodus 21 -22 provides common laws to live within a community, addressing personal and property rights, social responsibility, and moral conduct. These laws provide a framework for establishing justice and fairness within the Israelite society, building upon the moral principles laid out in the preceding chapters. The detailed regulations reflect an effort to create a just and orderly community under the guidance of divine law.


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