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#151 ⛺ Exodus 24-27 God's Holy Tabernacle 🧈🗃️🕯️⠀

God confirms His covenant with the Israelites in the wilderness. Then God shows Moses on His mountain the blueprints and plans for building His Tabernacle. God's tent house was very fancy, using fine linens, gold, silver, bronze, perfumes, royal colors of red, purple, blue, and so forth. It was a marvelous task for His people to participate in building God's house so that He would dwell with them. He trained His chosen priests to perform the sacrifices and sanctify the people within His temple. This would have been a wonderous site to see when it was all completed. The inner court was the Holy of Holies, and the outer court was where the people could gather. The priests had specific duties to maintain God's temple. It would have been impossible for the Israelites to perform all those highly skilled craftsmanship without God providing each with the knowledge, talents, and skills to complete them.

Exodus 25: God instructed Moses to collect offerings from the people to construct the Tabernacle. Specific details were provided for the construction of the Ark of the Covenant, the table for the Bread of the Presence, and the golden lampstands. The detailed instructions facilitated the worship of God in His tent house. Everything in the Tabernacle constructed the sacred objects according to the patterns revealed to Moses by God on the mountain.

Exodus 26: God provided a full blueprint for constructing His house, detailing the design of the curtains, coverings, and the framework. The Tabernacle was divided into two sections: the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place, separated by a veil, including the entrance to the Tabernacle and its courtyard. The detailed blueprint specifications highlighted the precision and reverence required for God's sacred space.

Exodus 27: God continues with the instructions for constructing the altar of burnt offering, placed in the courtyard of the Tabernacle. Specific details were given for the altar's construction, including its dimensions and materials. These instructions outlined the courtyard's design, including placing the bronze basin for ceremonial washing.

Exodus 25-27 provides detailed instructions for constructing God's house and its components so that He could reside with His people in the wilderness. It was a sacred space for worship, giving meticulous attention to detail in constructing items dedicated to God. The precision and reverence reflected the importance of honoring God in the worship practices of the Israelites.


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