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#11-12 Dr. Brian Ardis' Explains His Theory On Snake mRNA Used To Cleve With Human DNA/RNA In Shots

I like to thank Dr. Brian Ardis for his time discussing his theories on the nature of the Covid vaccines poisoned with Cobra venom. This article summarizes the topics discussed during the interview.


His recommended treatment for those suffering from the shots is to treat the symptoms as a snake venom bite. He said to find an infusion center that will give large dosages of Glutathione and Vitamin C that inhibits snake venom or its synthetic form, a phosphodiesterase. He recommended this treatment for several weeks to inhibit or destroy snake venom. Take 5000 milligrams of Vitamin C every day. Although Dr. Ardis did not mention this, you can also drink citrus and pineapple juice daily as a natural Vitamin C and tablets to build your immune system and kill off bacteria and viruses. He also stated that if anyone is experiencing symptoms, get a d-Dimer test to reveal if you are micro-blood clotting. If yes, immediately start anti-venom drug therapeutics as recommended and see a good Doctor who treats snake venom poisoning. Ivermectin is also good, but it protects the nervous system against venoms. Ivermectin, Zinc, and Nicotine also block the receptors in the brain from absorbing the venom or reacting to it.

He also recommended a few supplements to remove some of these toxins with supplements potentially; Apple Pectin powder and edible Byzantine clay powder. Pectin is a soluble fiber that is made from Apples. It binds with your gut fluids to form a gel, which helps relieve bowel movements and toxins in your body. Byzantine clay is said to absorb materials and toxins from your body by sticking to their molecules or ions to remove them as they leave the body.

Nature of the Covid Shots

The main question during his interview was explaining the chemical compounds and mRNA coding in the Covid vaccines, an experimental gene-editing therapy drug. Dr. Ardis explains that the most troublesome chemicals added to the shots are:

The chemical polyethylene glycol (PEG) 2000, which mimics the effects of antifreeze, is added to both Pfizer and Moderna shots.

Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen single dose is infused with Polysorbate 80. It's an excipient to work with the active ingredient and emulsifier as a drug stabilizer.

He explained that these chemicals “punch holes in the gut blood barrier and blood-brain barriers” to allow whatever the substances are in the shots to get to your brain and blood through your gut. He sounds the alarm about adding neurotoxins and other chemicals that do not belong in human biology for a good reason.

Drew Weissman and Katalin Karikó

Dr. Ardis further discusses who invented the mRNA technology. Two scientists, Drew Weissman and Katalin Karikó are credited with inventing it while working at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Anthony Fauci funded them at the NIH to develop this technology. The technology is a gene-editing therapy to edit our genes with mRNA and DNA modification. Both scientists received a Nobel prize for their works.

Ting Yu published a telling article in Bostonia on November 17, 2021, speaks to Dr. Weissman’s and Dr. Karikó’s works.

From the start, Weissman and Karikó believed mRNA was the key to unlocking a new generation of vaccines and therapeutics. Theoretically, it could instruct any cell in the body to make any desired set of proteins.

Weissman was especially intrigued by a single-stranded molecule called messenger RNA, or mRNA, which brings our cells the DNA blueprint for making proteins so that the body can function. If we could manipulate those instructions, could mRNA be harnessed to create an entirely new kind of vaccine that could generate immunity without ever bringing a pathogen into the body?

Excerpts from this article imply that this technology never really worked. Still, the two scientists only figured out how to hack the human cells by tricking them into accepting the mRNA coding without causing immediate inflammation and eventual death. It bypasses the immune response, where the body would reject such foreign invaders to protect itself. That’s the whole purpose of inflammation, rejecting attempts to gene edit and repair itself. If this immune system bypasses the response, the body is invaded and under attack to accept the coding by human hands rather than God's. God flooded the earth to kill all genetically modified humans and Nephilims, leaving only Noah and his family to survive with their uncorrupted DNA. Satan again attempts to corrupt all life with his genetic modification technology to modify plants, animals, and humans. No flesh will be saved unless Jesus returns to stop it once again.

The article continues,

Karikó brought her synthetic mRNA to his lab. Weissman injected it into mice. Then he waited to see what would happen. The results were unexpected and discouraging. The mRNA set off a harmful inflammatory immune response in the mice. They grew sick, and some died. “Kati got depressed because it meant that mRNA couldn’t be used as a therapeutic, Weissman recalls. "You can’t give something that makes people sick."

By altering one of mRNA’s four building blocks, known as nucleosides, Weissman and Karikó found that their modified mRNA could fly under the radar of the body’s immune system, no longer causing inflammation. It was a game-changer, and they both knew it. 

They bypassed our natural immune system response to biological invasion. This is not a “game-changer” for good but evil. They created biological warfare designed to transform and change human DNA and RNA.

Custom-tailored mRNA, once injected into the body, could order cells to produce any desired sequence of proteins.

As this technology is being used to manufacture all new drugs, the effect of gene editing and modification for any given treatment will eventually be compounded to cause death. If used more than once, this technology will erase all-natural immunity from the body with multiple gene-editing therapies to enslave the body to therapeutics to survive from day to day until the body dies. Gene editing is permanent. No one except God can reset the human body from its original blueprint to its uncorrupted form. This will only happen in our resurrection with a new body.

Weissman is currently working with the governments of Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, and Rwanda, among others, to develop and test lower-cost COVID vaccines.

There are no protections or regulations to protect poor people from cruel human experiments in such countries. It's not to develop “lower costs” vaccines but to test on cheap human life, expendable to these Western researchers.

The two scientists needed to discover a way to reduce the inflammation they observed in the rats before they died. Cobra venom can reduce the inflammatory response and “fly under the radar of the body’s immune system.”

Bypassing The Immune System With Cobra Venom

A blog post article written by Matt Hagerty on 7/7/2007 uncovered the use of Cobra venom in horse racing.

The use of a highly toxic substance in order to win a horse race may seem paradoxical, but the chemical structure of cobra venom makes it an effective painkiller when administered under the skin in small quantities. By deadening the nerves that lead from the source of pain to the brain, Cobra venom can allow a horse to ignore physical problems and run through them, officials say. It is believed to be effective only when administered within four hours of a race.

Perhaps, the immediate immune response is bypassed by deadening the nerves that would tell the body to react to the venom as a normal response.

Dr. Ardis’ Theory of Snake Venom In Shots

Dr. Ardis states that they used snake venom to cleave or splice DNA with RNA by using "Phosphodiesterase, a component of venom that destroys cells, membranes, and slices open your DNA to insert mRNA of your choice.” They want your body to replicate the spike proteins so that your immune response produces antibodies to remove them. This was only a theory that never worked. All animals died when this technology was used on them.

These are precisely the same results Dr. Weissman and Dr. Keriko discovered while testing rats. Yet, big Pharma used this experimental technology on humans worldwide by force and tribulation.

Dr. Ardis worries that shots contain Cobra venom or its synthetic form; phosphodiesterase cuts open your DNA in half to insert the mRNA. No one knows how and where the DNA will be spliced to insert the mRNA. Instead, he thinks they can’t target a specific sequence of DNA to insert the edited genes. But, he believes that the mRNA indiscriminately attaches itself to the spliced end of RNA or DNA. Once it connects, it creates a Chimera with two distinct species of cells linked together as a hybrid, i.e., a human with reptile cells.

He states that the most likely scenario is inserting snake mRNA directly into your DNA to constantly create a reptile peptide or venom protein. As your body produces more and more of these venom proteins, the proteins then shred through the body's internal organs to cause damage and death. Like Cobra venom bite symptoms, these shots cause blood clots, internal hemorrhaging, heart damage, liver damage, strokes, and other organs in many forms. The spikes or the venom mRNA slices open your blood capillaries and vessels to cause micro hemorrhaging and blood clots. He says that it's not just the spike protein that can cause such damage; the snake protein itself can yield similar results to the body.

This is actually a more plausible theory since that is precisely the research that is going on now to create antivenom mRNA technology.

Farming Snake Venom mRNA In Labs

A PubMed research article, Stabilising the Integrity of Snake Venom mRNA Stored under Tropical Field Conditions Expands Research Horizons, published on June 9, 2016, confirms this theory. Its abstract says the following:

Snake venoms contain many proteinaceous toxins that can cause severe pathology and mortality in snakebite victims. Interestingly, mRNA encoding such toxins can be recovered directly from the venom, although yields are low and quality is unknown. It also remains unclear whether such RNA contains information about toxin isoforms and whether it is representative of mRNA recovered from conventional sources, such as the venom gland. Answering these questions will address the feasibility of using venom-derived RNA for future research relevant to biomedical and antivenom applications.

The researchers used PCR testing to amplify the coding sequence for several transcripts of snake venom. The same PCR testing they have been doing on us. They were trying to determine both the mRNA quality and the neurotoxins' quantity as if they were directly milking the venom from the snake’s glands. The results were that they could extend the life of snake mRNA in quality, but not the quantity needed, as it was still too low.

In conclusion to the PubMed article,

It is also clear from the rapid technological advances in RNA-recovery kits, and RNA-sequencing platforms that it will not be long before RNA recovered from TRIzol-treated venom samples will be the norm to ethically produce accurate venom transcriptomics—for whatever biological purpose and from wherever the samples are collected.

Four years later, in 2021, since this article was written, it looks like Big Pharma found a way to use snake mRNA perhaps and insert it into human DNA, given Dr. Ardis’ theory.

Scientists can now create snake venom gland organoids in a lab. If used to inject people with this, the snake mRNA will repeatedly replicate itself without using actual snake venom. That’s the whole reason for this research. The government and corporations are funding these labs with billions of dollars to save a few people with snake bites? No. This research will continue until we stop it from changing the DNA of all humans and merging it with reptiles. Perhaps, Satan is looking to change humanity to be part reptile so that he can live inside humans as the Holy Spirit does inside believers. It's possible that mass vaccinations will not necessarily depopulate humanity as planned by those who seek this result. But, the real goal is to invoke a genetic mutation with spliced chimera genes that would no longer be two or more different species cells inside one body but a single-cell hybrid mutation of a newly created species. The image of God will then be changed into the image of Satan. Satan is rewriting the Word of God to himself. This is my spiritual theory.

More Venom Terrorism Is Coming Soon

The terrifying revelation by Dr. Ardis was that there was no way to reverse the effects of the vaccine coding. But the next phase of weaponizing the venom would be aerosolizing it to spray into the environment. He states that this would only affect the vaccinated people, not the unvaccinated. As the vaccinated already have the venom within their blood, the weaponized venom spray will reach inside their lung cells called Ovalis sacs, causing a devastating reaction. The two venoms will meet and then shred the sacs to microbleed internally inside the lungs. The body will try to repair itself by scarring over the sliced sacs to form massive scar tissue to stop the bleeding and develop pulmonary fibrosis. The lungs then turn into cartilage and cannot breathe, causing death.

An anonymous person working at the US National Counterterrorism told Dr. Ardis that

you haven’t even seen the killing yet. It will happen when aerosolized venoms from either cans or planes are released, and only the vaccinated people will be traumatized.

They will spray in hospitals, schools, subways, airplanes, etc. If venom in the water, aerosol wasn’t enough; Dr. Ardis also stated that a lectin, a form of venom, is now being attempted to grow in plants.

Additional Theories by Dr. Montagnier, Dr. Enby, Who’s Right?

Dr. Ardis also mentioned French researcher Luc Montagnier's theory. He discovered HIV and believed these drugs weaken your immune system and respond to future variants, allowing more potent and infectious viruses to self-replicate or mutate. Dr. Eric Enby, however, disagrees with Dr. Montagnier to state that whatever is in the shots, i.e., the chemical cocktail, is causing the chronic conditions and disease. It's not damaging the immune system. Dr. Enby obtained a vial shot in 2021 and observed living particles floating around. He stated that he only saw particles in the bloodstream of sick people. He believes the particles would germinate into the tissues and cells to destroy the body. This would only happen to some who have the right condition for these particles to germinate and replicate throughout the body.

Given the published statements of Dr. Weissman and Dr. Karikó, it is likely that both Dr. Enby and Dr. Montagnier are correct in their assessments. The chemical cocktail contains living particles, including venom, while the snake mRNA coding is designed to bypass the immune system to avoid the inflammatory response to lower natural immunity. Each is unlocking the mystery within their purview.

Dr. Ardis believes that every outbreak is not a result of a variant but an orchestrated attack to release venom in certain areas, perhaps through the water system. In his interview with Janet Phalen, he talks about the water systems are being set up for chemical warfare.


Ultimately, it's your responsibility to educate yourself and become active in your healthcare. It's clear now that evil forces are trying to wipe out humanity, and those who survive will be changed forever as new hybrid species. The Bible has told us this for over 2000 years, and what we are fighting, is not flesh and blood.

For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places—Ephesians 6:12 MEV.

Be encouraged to know that God is who He says He is in the Bible. He is the one to fight against these powers of darkness, not us. We are only sheep to follow Him. Be humble, repent of your sins, and get baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Satan only mimics God, but God is the one who redeems and saves us. God judged the Israelites in the desert with snake bites for making a golden calf to worship an idol while God was among them. All those who had faith and repented were saved from the venom by looking at the dead snake wrapped around Moses’ staff. The medical symbol comes from this story. Moses raised his staff with the serpent to heal the people bitten with venom. This story is being recreated by Satan today, a serpent himself. Satan and his minions will likely offer a solution to the masses with some antivenom pill to do his bidding in the long run, but you cannot pay its price.

Spiritually, if you believe and cry out to God, He will heal you. Medically, follow the information that Dr. Ardis was gracious enough to provide in his interview. Seek out other holistic like-minded doctors who save people instead of going along with the enemy, Satan.

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