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#86 Pfizer Mad Cash Cow "Directed Evolution"

Project Veritas posted this video. Pzfier's Director Gordon Trishton Walker was caught on camera talking about the gain of function of the alleged "Covid" virus, i.e., "directed evolution." The goal is to purposefully conduct gain-of-function to produce more vaccines against their genetically enhanced virus. The government is in bed with the drug company to continue to produce more deadly kill shots. It's an "open door" for government officials to profit. "Covid is a cash cow."

As Dr. Malone stated, this guy is immature and morainic--paraphrasing. He has no filter and a moral compass to know right from wrong. Rather than exposing the evil, they joyously hold meetings and make plans.

There is a reason why such corporations only hire wicked people with no morals or souls to succeed at their high-level positions. Without it, no money would be made by injuring and killing people.

Now you know what Jesus came to save us from. Repent before it's too late!

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