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Timothy Albernio's predictions of DNA Modifying Shots Eight Years Earlier.

Timothy Albernio was correct over eight years ago that there will be mandated vaccines worldwide designed to change our DNA. Genetic engineering technology will eventually change all life on earth and destroy the image of God as it was pre-flood in the days of Noah.

The consequences of accepting all new vaccines to alter genetic biology will cause spiritual death to become non-human, i.e., the image of the beast. Although Tim didn't foresee the covid excuse for mass vaccination, he accurately predicted the intent of what had happened in 2020.

Jesus died for us, the genetically human race, to rectify to the Father, not the hybrid race or non-human entities.
The greatest threat is defending us as a human race.

Tim warns that what is coming will not be natural events like nations fighting with nations or a downturn economy but a physical and spiritual war with non-human entities in an attempt to destroy God and us. It's a great video to watch.

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